Why choose NordVPN?

What makes NordVPN the best?

NordVPN consistently receives rave reviews from trusted experts. Both PCMag.com and Techradar.com have named NordVPN the best VPN provider in the market for its strong pro-privacy stance and feature variety. AVTest crowned NordVPN the “fastest VPN” after an in-depth comparison with other VPN services. The cybersecurity community has spoken — NordVPN stands among the best.

Lightning-fast connection speed

Is NordVPN good for download speeds, streaming, and online gaming? Yes! Our ultra-fast VPN servers ensure that you don’t have to pick between security and speed — you can have both. Choose from over 5200 NordVPN servers available across the globe and surf online without limits.

Strict no-logs policy

Is NordVPN legit when it comes to privacy? We take your online security and privacy seriously. Our strict no-logs policy, reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, means we don’t collect user data. Even if someone asked about your online activities, we wouldn’t have anything to show.

Bulletproof security with AES-256 encryption

Protect your digital life with the most secure VPN on the market. Our unbeatable AES-256-bit encryption ensures no third parties can snoop on your browsing activities. Protect up to six devices with industry-leading VPN security.

Hassle-free online security with NordVPN apps

Staying safe online has never been easier. Connect to NordVPN servers on our easy-to-use apps with just a few clicks. Cloak your devices from snoopers and cybercriminals, no matter what device you are using.




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